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Here are my top 5 most hated video game characters. Note: there might be some spoilers regarding to the games and a large portion of the list contains villains. Even though that villains are supposed to be unlikable, my list contains characters that I personally find to be too unlikable.

5. Derrick Mathis (Tales of Xillia)
Even though Derrick is not a villain, he just comes off as a unemotional dick. He's the father of the main hero Jude and he's a strict, hard-ass doctor. I know that he does love his son and that he's at best a jerk with a heart of gold, but his inability to lighten up or cut Jude some slack really rubs me the wrong way.

4. Patroklos
Patroklos Alexander is the main hero of Soul Calibur 5 and he's the son of Sophitia. Despite being one of the protagonists, Patroklos is an arrogant, self-righteous douchebag in this game. He's very bigoted towards the "malfested" to a point where he kills innocent people without thinking about the consequences of his actions. In the story mode, even though that Patroklos does transform from a ruthless killer to a hero, he's still not a popular character. He is disliked by fans the most along with his sister. Even Ivy (of all people) points out in story mode that Patroklos is a jerk with little to no manners. Ivy: Anyway, you should do something about that rude brother of yours.

3. Reboot Dante (DmC)
Why did they want to reboot the Devil may Cry series in the first place? Did people not like Devil may Cry 4? I was willing to be open minded about his appearance, in fact he was alright in "Playstation All-Star Battle Royale". However, in this modern reboot, this Dante is an unlikable jerkass. He's a cocky, foul-mouthed punk that doesn't even care about saving the world. And when he does care about saving humanity from the demons, it's only because he's motivated by the supporting female character in the game.

2. Rafe (Uncharted 4)
Even though that Uncharted 4 was released not to long ago, Rafe has become the most hateable bad guy of the Uncharted franchise. [Spoilers] Rafe wanted to steal the Avery treasure for himself [even though he's already rich to begin with] just so that he prove that he's more of a legend than Drake and he's such an asshole to everyone even to his second in command Nadine. After he slaps her and buys off her men, you wouldn't be surprized when she betrays him and leaves him to die with Drake.

1. Lt. Carter Blake (Heavy Rain)
And my number one most hated video game character of all time is Carter Blake and he's a cop. Now why do I hate this guy more than the origami killer, let only any villain in the game? Well you see Carter is the embodiment of police brutality and everything people hate about cops nowadays. He's nothing more than a violent, sadistic bully who takes pleasure in beating up suspects rather than being a good officer. How does he continue to be a cop with all these attributes? And worst of all he hardy gets any comeuppance and even if he does it's not very satisfying.

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